Westchester Vending offers a wide range of products to please your staff and a delivery schedule that will meet your needs. One of our cold beverage machines will be perfect for your environment and help quench the thirst of your employees and guests.

Cold Beverages

Westchester Vending can provide all your vending machine requests and keep your machines fully stocked with the products you want. We offer only premium, brand name, products and our programs are designed to suit your evolving tastes. You will be pleasantly surprised to see not only chips and chocolate bars, but also nuts, gums, seed mixes, candies such as Werthers Original’s and a large selection of healthy, low-fat, low-sodium products such as granola bars, Mr. Nature, and more. Our snack vending machines come in many sizes and dimensions, which is why we guarantee we have one that will be perfect for you.

Food Programs

Westchester Vending can custom tailor a food program for your organization, complete with microwavable products. It’s like having a restaurant in your own lunch room. Increased service at your facility to ensure the best quality and freshness of our product. Your employees will have confidence in your food vending machine selections and will never have to worry about the catering truck missing a break, showing up late, or not at all.


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